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New Packaging promises lifetime guarantee

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Wigwam Mills Inc. introduces new packaging that reflects a commitment to American craftsmanship and a powerfully consistent brand identity.

In an effort to continually offer the highest quality product to the market, Wigwam is excited to introduce completely re-designed, innovative and eco-friendly new packaging for all our products. Over a 10-month development process, we crafted a sock package that speaks to what is at the core of Wigwam: a commitment to quality, innovative design and staying true to our American made heritage.

Commitment to Quality

Since our early days Wigwam has been relentlessly committed to quality craftsmanship in order to provide the best performance and most comfortable experience in socks. We strive to utilize only the highest quality materials in all of our products to achieve this result for our customers, and with this update, Wigwam now has a package that reflects this with the promise of a lifetime guarantee. If your Wigwams don’t stand the test of time, we will replace them; no questions asked.

Design Innovation

Being focused on delivering the absolute best experience is what has driven Wigwam to secure 2 functional patents for our ULTIMAX® and FUSION® products. This new packaging will allow consumers the chance to see, touch and understand the technology in a much better way as well as providing a more retail friendly design for our partners. Clearly calling out the unique benefits will help consumers understand the value of what Wigwam brings to the market.

American Made Heritage

Being rooted in Wisconsin for over a century, the Wigwam story is truly a special one. With an imbedded value of stewardship for future generations we have chosen to work with a local Wisconsin based company to source craft stock made of 100% recycled material and use packaging that represents our deep commitment to sustainability.

Stamped with a lifetime guarantee and graced with a vintage Wigwam watermark, the promise of Pure American Comfort is upheld with a package that speaks to the Wigwam brand and consumers who share our passion for performance, comfort and craftsmanship.

Buy it. Wear it. Share it. #wigwamsocks

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